4 thoughts on “Millwork-Gallery

  1. Beautiful casework, I hope to be one of the lucky few to have your designs flourish my home.

  2. I like the specs on the casters and the artwork on the table

    Do you have actual experience handling the materials involved? I’ve had some problems dealing with tech heads who haven’t participated in the actually construction of items like this and therefore commonly use improper or fragile materials.

    I really need someone who has some sort of materials handling and construction background otherwise I have to spend my time reviewing the specs or paying one of my guys to

  3. We have over 20 years of experience working with all types of construction and manufacturing Materials.
    Cad-Con offers our knowledge of hardware, material, manufacturing and Construction Standards as one of our many value added services.
    Increase your profits! Successful projects start with good Casework Shop Drawings. With professional, accurate Casework Shop Drawings, significant time is saved in project management and production. Reduce the time that employees have to stop producing and go ask questions. With all the information on the Casework Shop Drawings, production time is optimized. The bottom line is…Quality Casework Shop Drawings = Less Errors & More Profit.

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