Millwork Shop Drawings for submittal

Submittal drawings are shop drawings; they should be drawn as you intend to build the millwork. The architects want drawings that are visually similar to the contract documents including filed dimensions, relation of your work to work by others, sink cutouts, appliance or equipment openings and – most important – your manufacturing methods for achieving the design. The level of detail varies by firm and by architect and project.

Most AWI grade rules have scale requirements and detail requirements along with sample and material requirements. That is what architects are used to seeing. Depending on the size of the project, you may be able to get by with less. A lunchroom in a small office should be easier than a school or big office building.

The cost of the drawings should be included in the price for the job. Cad-Con Design does fully detailed drawings for every project. 30 years ago we were all drawing on a board and they were not of the best quality, but as the quality of the customer moves up, so must your drawings.

This is also your chance to draw the details to your standard method of manufacturing vs. the architects concept.

Millwork Shop Drawings for submittal


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