Millwork shop drawings explained

Millwork Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings?

Shop drawings are a drawing or set of drawings produced by the Millwork contractor or fabricator. Typically quality accurate submittals are a contract requirement required for all prefabricated components. We believe quality Millwork Shop Drawings should be prepared by a draftsman with a working knowledge of the Millwork and casework industries.

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Desk Millwork Shop Drawings
Millwork Shop Drawings

06400 – Architectural Millwork (Casework & Countertops) 12350 – Architectural Millwork (Laboratory Casework & Countertops).

Professional Shop Drawings improve your image, save time, and increase profits.
We provide Millwork shop drawings for K-14, Universities, Research Laboratories. Including countertops, and fume hoods.

We produce high quality, accurate Millwork Drawings for submittal packages and production. With over 15 years of AutoCAD experience, and almost 20 years in the construction Industry. we can provide submittals that will impress your clients and improve your bottom line.

Improve your image with our professional, high quality submittals. Submittals are the first product your customer receives and first impressions are extremely important. Professional Shop Drawings will give your clients confidence in your company and start the project off on the right foot.

Our draftsman do shop drawings your way. We provide customized specifications and manufacturing processes based on your needs.

Good submittals mean less time getting approvals and doing revisions. Project managers and the shop floor will waste less time asking questions. Let your engineering people utilize their time by outputting jobs to the shop (Ordering materials, CNC programming, etc.) By using our accurate, complete Shop Drawings, their job will be much easier and faster. With shorter submittal times, fewer revisions, increased output from in-house engineering. The result is shorter job turnaround times which is what your customers want.

Increase your profits! Successful projects start with good Shop Drawings. You will reduce the time employees have to stop and ask questions. We can provide all of the information on the shop drawings, helping to optimize production time. The bottom line is…Quality Millwork Shop Drawings = Less Errors & More Profit.


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