After-the-fact Permitting

After the fact PermitDo you need an After the Fact Roof Inspection Affidavit? Call 772-408-8175
We can help you get After the Fact permits and missed inspections Affidavit and Inspection Reports, We can provide Owners Rep Services as well as Compliance advocacy, Drafting services and Permit expediting.

Here is a list of our Local Services
Code Complaint and Municipal Violation Services:
• Building without a permit
• Certification Preparation
• Fine Reduction negotiation
• Representation at code violation hearings
• Building too close to property line
• Interior and Exterior Safety Issues

Permit, Plan and Document Coordination for:
• New building permits
• Missed (or missing) Inspections
• Permits to fix code violations
• Building alteration permits
• Building Code Issues
• Zoning Code Issues
• ADA Issues
• Sign Permits
• Fence permits
• Variances

Coordinating Professional Services of:
• Architects
• Structural Engineers
• Civil Engineers
• Mechanical Engineers
• Surveyors
• General Contractors
• Sub-Contractors
• Construction Managers
• Owner’s Representatives
• Landscape Architects
• Inspectors
• Feasibility Analysts
• Blue Printers
• Expert Witnesses

If you need Help with an After-the-fact Permitting issues

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