Florida Product Approval and Miami Dade Notice of acceptance

In the great state of Florida, any product on the exterior of a dwelling or other structure must have either a current Florida product approval or Miami-Dade notice of acceptance.

The intent of this process is to keep inferior products from being installed in High-Velocity wind Zone hurricane and other damaging storm-prone areas.
Consumer’s purchasing Windows Doors skylights or other exterior products in Florida should beware of clearance sales at any home improvement store. We have seen it be the practice that manufactures May discontinue their involvement with a product line in the Florida product approval process then subsequent to that move those products that no longer have current Florida product approval to their clearance department for sale to unsuspecting homeowners.
If you have purchased a product from a home improvement store in the State of Florida that does not have Florida product approval we suggest that you contact your local building department and logic complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as the State of Florida Attorney General’s office below you will find a link to both the Florida product approval search as well as the Miami-Dade notice of acceptance search.