Will you need Millwork Shop Drawings in 2015

Millwork Shop Drawings Should Be a Solution based Process.

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Millwork shop drawings of the Future.

So why you might ask. Why are there So many Challenges and obstacles involved with getting out a Quality Shop Drawing that makes it through the review process and back to the Shop to Build a real world Piece of millwork? That is because so many Millwork and casework Shop Owners and Managers have a list of Problems they see as obstacles. Such as The Architect did not Provide a buildable detail, or the architects vision can not be built, or their Drafting Department is to Busy to deal will all the questions and get drawings done. Your list of Reasons why the Millwork Shop Drawings are not getting done need to become a main Focus and to used as a stepping stone to take your Project to the Finish line. We have established Steps for getting your Projects to Completion.

You may or may not know that Shop Drawings are all about Documentation, with that being the case we ask you to help us initialize the Documentation process in an efficient and complete manner. by adhering to the below checklist for new projects!

  • Project Name:__________________________
  • Address:____________________________
  • Scope of Work (List of locations & Items to be drawn W/ Architectural sheet references)
  • Relevant Drawings & Data Only! *Possible Additional Admin time
  • Specs
  • Cut-Sheets
  • Details *Possible Additional Admin time
  • Finishes
  • Hardware Schedule
  • Core Material

Now here are a few thing you should never do


  • Never: Send ambiguous email ( Always use the project name as your subject)
  • Never: send an Important Project e-mail with out following up via Phone call
  • Never: Forward large e-mails with large files attached ( be sure to review them prior to sending to the Millwork Drafting Company)
  • Never: Give directives over the phone, (a written directive/Mark-up must be sent to us Via e-mail so we can Schedule a Phone Conference with our PM and Draftsman on the project. At that point we can have a more comprehensive and robust Conversation about your concerns and the Direction you want to move forward in!)

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